Highly precise
shielding solutions

Tailored room construction by Albatross Projects enable an electromagnetically stable analysis environment or tap-proof communication, depending on the design. They are used in the areas of medicine, automotive, telecommunications, defence and many more.

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Seibersdorf Laboratories
Seibersdorf, Austria


by Albatross Projects

We are ISO certified according to

DIN EN ISO 9001 / DIN EN ISO 14001

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MIL & antenna
measuring station
Max Planck Institute
Göttingen, Germany


by Albatross Projects


Your project management by Albatross Projects

From a kit to a turnkey project:
We tailor our services
to suit your precise needs and wishes.

High-performance absorbers from our partner

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Modernisation of your test chamber with Albatross Projects

Test chambers by Albatross Projects are designed
from the get-go for downstream upgrading or relocation
with as little effort as possible.

Verification measurements by Albatross Projects

We use our calibrated measuring devices
to determine a variety of electromagnetic properties in your
measurement station and chamber.

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For instance by shielding the
electrics in the Graf Zeppelin airship