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Range of services

  • All test applications in the microwave range

    Antenna measurement hall, OTA, RFID or RCS? We build your test chamber to suit your test objects and methods.

  • Customised solutions in all sizes

    From RFID measuring chambers to aircraft testing hangers

  • Room-in-room constructions or pre-existing structures

    We build a self-supporting chamber or use the existing room structures to carry the chamber, based on the requirements.

  • One-stop solution or individual system components

    We plan and build your complete test chamber solution or deliver the individual system components, e.g. the absorbers

System components

  • Room design and shielding

    Premium shielding
    We deliver shielded rooms made of bolted, full metal modules (galvanised sheet steel) to satisfy the highest requirements. This design is resistant to moisture, temperature fluctuation and mechanical stress. Effective shielding is therefore guaranteed in the long term, whatever the conditions may be. In most cases we will install the shielding as a self-supporting room-in-room structure and will use steel braces for stabilisation, depending on the size of the room. Under certain circumstances we may mount the shielding directly on an existing room structure.

    Without additional shielding
    Absorbers for the GHz spectrum already ensure electromagnetic shielding in this frequency range. This shielding is already sufficient for many microwave applications. In these cases it is unnecessary to install additional metal shielding in the form of a Faraday cage.


    • Premium shielding as a room-in-room construction
    • Premium shielding, mounted on an existing room structure
    Bolted shielding modules Bolted shielding modules
    Self-supporting shielding from the outside Self-supporting shielding from the outside
  • Microwave absorbers

    Absorbers by Emerson & Cuming Anechoic Chambers (E&C)
    We exclusively use absorbers by our subsidiary Emerson & Cuming Anechoic Chambers (E&C) for microwave test chambers. They deliver outstanding broadband absorption performance and resilient quality. E&C absorbers are made of polyurethane foam impregnated with activated carbon. We use absorbers with high attenuation in the microwave range, specifically for microwave applications. E&C absorbers are available in numerous designs and sizes in order to achieve the required absorption in the specific range. All E&C absorbers satisfy the REACH and RoHS directives for safe workspaces.

    Solid material pyramid absorbers, type VHP
    E&C solid material pyramid absorbers (type designation: VHP) are our standard absorbers for microwave applications. They are available in eight sizes, ranging from 5.6 to 114 centimetres in height.

    Walkway absorbers, type VHP-FL
    E&C walkway absorbers (type designation: VHP-FL) are cuboid, walkable polyurethane absorbers. We use E&C walkway absorbers to build access paths in fully-anechoic microwave chambers. They are available in six sizes, ranging from 18 to 99 centimetres in height.

    High-power absorbers, hollow, type HFX
    For applications with high radiant energy density in electromagnetic near-field environments, compact range tests or satellite tests, we use special E&C high-power absorbers ((type designation: HFX). Their special honeycomb structure allow them to quickly emit the heat they absorb to the surrounding air. HFX absorbers can be used safely without additional cooling up to a radiant energy density of 15 kW/m2. They are available in three sizes with heights of 45.7 cm, 66 cm and 91.4 cm.

    Medium-power absorbers, hollow, type HFS
    E&C medium-power absorbers (type designation: HFS) are suitable for applications with medium radiant energy density of up to 3 kW/m2. They are otherwise identical to the E&C high-power absorbers (HFX).

    Wedge absorbers, type WG
    Wedge-shaped E&C polyurethane absorbers (type designation: WG) are used in the determination of the radar cross section (RCS), in compact range tests and in tapered absorption chambers due to their special reflection behaviour. They are available in five sizes, ranging from 12.7 to 50.4 centimetres in height.

    Broadband absorbers, hollow, type HHP-60
    E&C broadband absorbers (type designation: HHP-60) are particularly large, hollow pyramid absorbers with outstanding broadband absorption ranging from 100 MHz to 10 GHz. They guarantee attenuation of more than 25 dB from only 100 MHz. The total height of HHP-60 absorbers is 152 centimetres. Their hollow structure reduces the weight and improves dimensional stability. E&C HHP-60 absorbers are used above all in the automotive, aviation and aerospace and defence sectors.


    • E&C pyramid absorbers made of solid material (VHP)
    • Walkable E&C walkway absorbers (VHP-FL)
    • Hollow E&C pyramid absorbers for high-power applications (HFX)
    • Hollow E&C pyramid absorbers for medium-power applications (HFS)
    • Wedge E&C absorbers (WG)
    • E&C pyramid broadband absorbers, hollow (HHP-60)


    E&C solid material pyramid absorbers (VHP) E&C solid material pyramid absorbers (VHP)
    E&C walkway absorbers (VHP-FL) E&C walkway absorbers (VHP-FL)
    E&C high-power absorbers, hollow (HFX) E&C high-power absorbers, hollow (HFX)
    E&C high-power absorbers in near-field E&C high-power absorbers in near-field
    E&C wedge absorbers (WG) E&C wedge absorbers (WG)
    E&C broadband absorbers (HHP-60) E&C broadband absorbers (HHP-60)
  • Doors, gates

    Our doors and gates are only available as system components in a test chamber by Albatross Projects!

    What counts

    A shielded room is only as effective as its weakest link. It is therefore essential to pay particular attention to the fitted components. This applies to doors especially, as they are moved every day and are therefore more susceptible to wear.

    Doors and gates are our strength
    Doors and gates by Albatross Projects are easy to operate, extremely rugged and guarantee extraordinary sound attenuation, even after many thousand closing cycles. All wear parts are easy to replace.

    The shielding effects are directly dependent on the contact pressure across a broad frequency range. Our doors therefore possess extreme torsional stability and a robust structure in order to achieve remarkably high and homogeneous contact pressure at the sealing surfaces. This produces outstanding sound attenuation values from low frequency bands and even to the high microwave range. For instance, we are the only manufacturer that produces double-winged doors with 100 dB shielding up to 40 GHz.

    – Single-wing doors
    – Double-wing doors
    – Gates
    – Manual, electrical or pneumatic operation
    – Ramps or ground-level access
    – Individual designs and options

    Gate with ground-level access Gate with ground-level access
    Gate control panel with touch display Gate control panel with touch display
    Single-wing doors with safety features Single-wing doors with safety features
    Double-wing door with 100 dB shielding up to 40 GHz Double-wing door with 100 dB shielding up to 40 GHz
  • Signal lines, power supply, feedthroughs, ventilation

    Every connection, precisely where you need it
    Every line that is introduced from outside into a shielded room and every opening in the shielding may potentially allow electromagnetic interference to enter the chamber. Albatross Projects makes sure that the power connections, signal lines, feedthroughs and apertures you require can be used without impairing the shield's function. Tailored entirely to suit your needs, we position the connections for short distances. We guarantee that none of the components we install will interfere with the test conditions in the chamber.


    – Power and signal lines
    – Connector panels, floor connection boxes
    – Filters for power and signal lines
    – Converters for the optical signal lines
    – Infeed pipes for liquids and gases
    – Ventilation ducts (honeycombs), exhaust gas extraction lines
    – Other components on request

    Wall connection panel Wall connection panel
    Honeycomb ducts for air exchange Honeycomb ducts for air exchange
    Pipe fed through the shielding Pipe fed through the shielding
    Current filter Current filter
    Recessed floor connection box Recessed floor connection box
    Floor connection panel at the centre of the turntable Floor connection panel at the centre of the turntable
  • Image, audio, monitoring

    Information and communication technology
    Technical communication systems for between the test chamber and the control room facilitate coordination when setting up test cycles. Cameras are used to safely monitor all processes from outside during test cycles. Albatross Projects designs all information and communications technology to suit your requirements precisely. The components used do not interfere with the test environment and are immune to powerful electromagnetic fields. Each component is validated according to our strict internal quality control system.


    – Telephones
    – Microphones
    – Video cameras, controllers and storage
    – Infra-red camera
    – Digital video technology
    – Monitors
    – Loudspeakers
    – Signal lamps
    – Smoke alarm system
    – Gas alarm system

    EMC video camera on a wooden tripod EMC video camera on a wooden tripod
    Control room with video controller and video monitoring Control room with video controller and video monitoring
    EMC video camera and pressure chamber loudspeaker on a wall bracket EMC video camera and pressure chamber loudspeaker on a wall bracket
    Signal lamp Signal lamp "Emergency exit"
    Smoke detector fitted outside the test chamber Smoke detector fitted outside the test chamber
  • Lighting

    HF emission-free, bright and energy efficient
    The right lighting creates a safe working environment and a bright, pleasant ambience. We select special halogen, fluorescent or LED lamps, depending on the requirements. We use emission-free lamps that are designed for the relevant electromagnetic spectrum in order to ensure that the tests are not falsified. We position halogen lamps directly below the ventilation grilles to improve heat removal. Electric winches are available for high ceilings, which are used to lower the lamps to replace the luminaires.

    – Halogen lamps
    – Fluorescent lamps
    – LED lamps
    – Electric winches

    Halogen spotlight Halogen spotlight
    Electric winch for simple luminaire replacements in tall rooms Electric winch for simple luminaire replacements in tall rooms
    LED lamp LED lamp
    Detailed view of the LED lamp Detailed view of the LED lamp
  • Positioning system, test accessories

    Positioning systems for your application
    As a solution provider, we procure the necessary positioning system to suit your requirements and integrate it in your room solution. In order to do this, we collaborate with selected manufacturers.

    The following positioning systems are available for these applications:
    – Near-field test range
    – Far-field test range
    – Compact range applications
    – Hardware-in-the-loop


    – Positioning systems for test technology and test objects (EUT)
    – Turntables
    – Multifunctional baskets
    – Multi-axis turn devices
    – Other special accessories based on requirements


    Positioning system for wireless devices Positioning system for wireless devices
    Five-axis positioning system Five-axis positioning system

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