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Range of services

  • Installation of the MRI room, including measurement of shielding attenuation, or delivery of a kit model

    Tailored services, based on the requirements

  • Shielding of electromagnetic radiation

    Highly stable, bolted modules made of ferromagnetic steel or non-magnetic aluminium

  • Shielding of the MRI magnetic field

    Additional ferromagnetic shielding with structural steel, electrical steel (Stabolec) or ARMCO pure iron

  • Individual spatial adjustments

    Consideration of slanted rooms, beams and pillars

  • Individual interior design and features

    For instance: fully glazed doors, surface design, fitted shelves/cabinets, light design, visual entertainment

  • Installation and connection of air conditioning and electrics

    Reliable consideration of technical shielding requirements

System components

  • Self-supporting design

    Independent structure for unbeatable long-term stability
    Albatross Projects builds MRI rooms as room-in-room structures. This guarantees physical independence from the surrounding building. We consciously refrain from using wood to exclude the risk of distortion, for instance through exposure to moisture.
    In regard to the transfer of structure-borne sound and vibration, self-supporting structures offer the best possible isolation from the main building and hence ideal sound insulation and vibration damping. Other advantages of the construction include its modularity and therefore adaptability. Replacing the MRI device, enlarging the MRI room or moving the MRI room to an entirely different location are therefore comparatively simple.




  • Electromagnetic shielding

    Stable barrier for electromagnetic radiation/alternating fields
    The MRI room is shielded according to the principles of a Faraday cage. A completely closed frame of metal ensures that electromagnetic radiation cannot penetrate or escape from the examination chamber. This guarantees that the sensitive sensor technology in the MRI is not disturbed by the high-frequency radiation from outside.

    Bolted shielding modules made of durable, corrosion-protected metal
    In our shielding, we only use durable, resilient materials that guarantee stable performance for many decades.
    The shielding modules made of galvanised steel or aluminium that we use are always bolted together to achieve even greater strength and durability compared to structures made of wood and others that are merely clamped together. We use a special HF sealing tape to ensure perfect HF impermeability at the contact points between the modules.

    Our materials: galvanised steel or aluminium
    For the shielding of MRI rooms, Albatross Projects uses ferromagnetic, galvanised steel modules, non-magnetic aluminium modules or a combination – depending on the MRI manufacturer's shielding specifications. Our galvanised steel modules come with the advantage of providing effective magnetic shielding in addition to electromagnetic shielding. In many cases, separate magnetic shielding will therefore be unnecessary. Moreover, galvanisation reliably protects the steel modules from corrosion. This is confirmed by numerous Albatross Projects installations in tropical climate zones.


    Only metal, no wood
    We always reject a design comprising copper foil on fibreboard panels, as it is unable to guarantee the necessary long-term stability. For instance, the wooden components may swell when exposed to moisture, which leads to tears in the shielding foil. In this case the HF impermeability of the shielding would no longer be guaranteed.

    – Bolted shielding made of ferromagnetic, galvanised steel
    – Bolted shielding made of non-magnetic aluminium
    – Bolted shielding made of steel and aluminium



    Bolted shielding, inside Bolted shielding, inside
    Bolted shielding modules with HF sealing strip Bolted shielding modules with HF sealing strip
  • Shielded doors and windows

    Central issue
    A shielded room is only as good as its weakest link. Therefore, each individual component requires meticulous attention when planning an MRI room. This applies in particular to the doors, as they are the only parts of the shielding system that are exposed to wear.

    Doors are our strength
    Over a large frequency range, the shielding effectiveness of a door depends on the electromagnetic impermeability between the door leaf and the frame. Uninterrupted contact, as well as a strong and homogeneous contact pressure, are crucial to ensure proper shielding. To make certain this is possible, our doors possess extreme torsional stability and a robust structure. This produces outstanding sound attenuation values that exceed the specifications of the MRI manufacturers by far. Doors by Albatross Projects are easy to operate, extremely robust, and they guarantee the necessary shielding attenuation even after tens of the thousands of closing cycles.

    Exclusive: fully glazed and shielded doors by Albatross Projects
    Albatross Projects was the first manufacturer to develop and market fully glazed and shielded doors for MRI rooms. A fully glazed and shielded door provides a view of the interior and allows the patient to see out. This is important to ensure that they do not feel alone. From an interior design perspective, fully glazed doors help to create an open and airy space.

    Our recommendation: Sound protection as a standard feature
    Effective sound attenuation is a standard feature of all our doors and windows, as sound insulating them later on is only possible at unreasonable cost and effort.

    High-frequency shielded windows (HF windows)
    Shielded windows in the MRI room allow observation of the patient, as well eye contact or even natural lighting. Albatross uses high-quality ESG safety glass for its high-frequency shielded windows. A special manufacturing technique reduces the moiré effect.

    – Shielded doors in a variety of sizes
    – Shielded, fully glazed doors
    – Shielded barrier-free doors
    – Shielded, fully automatic sliding doors in a variety of sizes
    – Shielded windows in a variety of sizes



    Fully glazed, shielded door Fully glazed, shielded door
    Shielded windows Shielded windows
    Shielded sliding door (on the left) Shielded sliding door (on the left)
  • Magnetic shielding

    Containment of the static MRI magnetic field
    It may be necessary to install magnetic shielding to contain the MRI magnetic field in order to prevent interference with electrical devices outside the MRI room, for instance cardiac pacemakers. Here, the magnetic field strength must not exceed the threshold defined in E DIN VDE 0848-3-1.

    The second function of magnetic shielding is to prevent impairment due to interference from outside. Possible sources of interference include large, moving ferromagnetic masses such as travelling elevators or cars driving past the building. Albatross Projects examines the situation on the ground and plans suitable and necessary measures for magnetic shielding.

    Ferromagnetic materials are used to shield the MRI's magnetic field. They function by magnetising the shield, which considerably weakens the magnetic field acting on the outside.

    – Magnetic shielding made of structural steel S235 (St 37)
    – Magnetic shielding made of electrical steel (Stabolec)
    – Magnetic shielding made of ARMCO pure iron    



  • Quench pipe

    Emergency outlet for evaporating coolant
    Superconducting high-field MRIs that are cooled using cryogenic agents like liquid helium require a so-called quench pipe as a safety feature. The liquid coolant can evaporate very quickly in the event of a malfunction. The quench pipe is used to discharge the rapidly emerging overpressure outside the building and to avoid dangerous situations. Albatross Projects manages the design, procurement and professional installation of these safety features according to the specifications of the MRI manufacturer.

    Quench pipe outlet box Quench pipe outlet box
    Quench pipe outlet funnel Quench pipe outlet funnel
  • Sound insulation

    A calm environment for patients, doctors and medical staff
    An MRI device emits a loud humming or buzzing when in operation, caused by the rapid alternation of its magnetic fields. The volume can reach as much as 125 dB. That is equivalent to a loud rock concert. In order to avoid exposing the patients waiting outside the MRI room, and especially the people who work there, Albatross Projects ensures effective sound insulation with due consideration of all sound protection standards.

    The independent room-in-room concept for Albatross Projects MRI facilities offers ideal conditions for sound insulation, as it ensures acoustic decoupling of the MRI room from the surrounding areas. We can also use additional measures for structure and airborne sound insulation to optimise the sound protection individually and to satisfy the statutory or even higher requirements.

    – Sound insulation reports
    – Elastic bearing and enlargement of the moved load
       for structure-borne sound insulation
    – Additional insulation materials for airborne sound insulation



    Material for sound insulation Material for sound insulation
  • Interior design

    Harmonious aesthetics and ergonomics
    Successful interior design makes patients feel more comfortable and creates an ergonomic workplace for the medical staff. The ceiling, walls and floor can be designed to suit individual taste and to reflect the look of the other spaces. We would gladly submit suggestions or implement your ideas professionally.

    Technical restrictions
    There are a few technical necessities that restrict the freedoms for interior design:
    – Magnetic materials must not be used.
    – There must be inspection openings on the MRI to ensure regular
    – Flooring with extraction capabilities is required when using medical 

    All the necessary implements must be on hand
    There should be sufficient storage space available in the MRI room to keep coils, positioning aids, shielding blankets, hearing protection and other accessories. Albatross Projects offers a variety of shelf and cabinet systems without magnetic components. They can be made to measure or installed flush with the wall on request.


    Customised filter cabinets
    A filter cabinet contains the system filter plate for the MRI and makes it accessible for maintenance purposes. We offer individual solutions, designed to suit the size of the system filter plate and the available space in the MRI room. If space is tight, we recommend a filter cabinet that protrudes only a few centimetres into the room or is fitted flush with the wall.

    – Grid ceiling or closed ceiling system
    – Wall design
    – Flooring
    – Shelves and cabinets
    – Customised filter cabinets



    Grid ceiling with lighting and ventilation grille Grid ceiling with lighting and ventilation grille
    Sideboard Sideboard
    Resilient flooring Resilient flooring
  • Lighting, light concept, entertainment

    Light – the fourth dimension in architecture
    Light design has a defining influence on the work environment and ambience in the MRI room. From austere, functional lighting to an elaborate light design and film clips – Albatross Projects develops an individual lighting and entertainment concept to suit your specifications.

    Light design with LED lamps
    Not only are LED luminaires extremely energy efficient, they are very durable and allow for extraordinarily variable colour design. Use LED strip lighting effectively to create a special atmosphere for your patients or to convey a positive experience!

    Backlit motifs
    Backlit motifs seem almost like a view of the outside world. Allow your patients to gaze up into the open skies or give them a view of an tantalising beach panorama. You can achieve remarkable effects with little effort.


    Moving images
    Positive impressions and associations can help your patients to relax and feel more at ease. Moving images are extremely effective in this process. For instance, we can mount MRI-compatible flat screen monitors.

    – Light and entertainment concept
    – LED lighting
    – Backlit motifs
    – Flat screens
    – Projections


    LED lamp LED lamp
    Alternating colours with LED mood lighting Alternating colours with LED mood lighting
    Strip lighting Strip lighting
    Backlit ceiling motif Backlit ceiling motif
  • Air conditioning and electrics

    Complete installation of air conditioning and power supply
    If necessary, Albatross Projects will look after complete installation of the air conditioning and power supply. We connect the required systems to your mains systems or, if necessary, will install new equipment to suit the individual MRI system. With Albatross Projects as your system supplier, you will have just one primary contact – and the certainty that neither the air conditioning nor the electrical installations will impair your MRI system. Albatross Projects is the only MRI room manufacturer that installs the air conditioning and power supply as a one-stop solution.

    – Air conditioning
    – Power supply



  • Free-standing, modular MRI building

    A new MRI room in no time at all
    Erecting a free-standing, modular MRI building takes significantly less time compared to the integration of an MRI room in an existing structure. An example: An MRI room that takes 18 months to complete as an integral structure will be ready in half the time if built using modular units. This is mainly due to the significantly easier planning, as interactions with the environment can largely be disregarded. Albatross Projects plans and builds free-standing MRI modules as general contractor in cooperation with selected partners .

    – Planning and implementation as a one-stop solution